Water Level Lake Garda

All water levels affect the level in Peschiera. The blue line is the actual water level. The other graphs are the maximum (red), minimum (yellow) and the 'average level (green) since records began in the 1950s.


(Source: laghi.net)

Worth knowing about Lake Garda

Some Facts

Lake Garda is 65 meters above sea level and covers an area of 369.98 square kilometer the largest lake in Italy. Its length is 51.6 km away, and it measures at the widest point 17,2km. The maxcimale depth is 346m. The main tributary of the lake is the river Sarca at Torbole in the north and on the Mincio at Peschiera flows See off again with an average of 58.4 m3 / sec. There is also the official level measuring point.

The three islands of the lake

In Lake Garda there are three islands. The "Isola del Garda" with Villa Borghese is the largest and is located between the bays of Salò and Manerba. Since a few years, you can visit the Isola del Garda and also visit the gardens.
Also located in the bay of Manerba is the Island San Biagio, a popular tourist destination, which can be achieved thru knee deep water. Between Brenzone and Malcesine is the smallest island "Isola di Trimelone". This island is a military restricted area.

Surrounded by wine-growing regions

The southern Lake Garda is surrounded by world-famous wine regions. To the south of Desenzano of Lugana wine is grown, and in the east there are the areas of Bardolino, Soave and Valpolicella.